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The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making winners out of ordinary people.


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  • 1. On May11,2019,a special meeting of the entire staff members was held to lay stress on ‘Classroom Discipline’. The Meeting was headed by Jyoti ma’am in which all the teachers were trained to set their image as role models for all of their students so that a positive discipline can be observed in every classroom. If teachers know how to take criticism in positive manner then only the students can be corrected for the same. Teachers topic with different subjects for the all round development of the students. It was around two hours session in which the different strategies were discussed to control a noisy class, how to deal with naughty stuff, how to make every child realise his importance etc. The teachers were motivated to further motivate their students to write in good handwriting and how it can be improved. It was an interesting session.
  • 2. An excursion to ‘Science Centre’, Delhi was organised for the students of classes IX & X on May25,2019. All of their teachers accompanied the students along with the safety instructor of the school. It was an educational excursion for the students in which they obtained knowledge about universe, galaxies, solar system and many other facts related to science. The children left at 8:00a.m. and come back to school by 5:00 p.m. It was an enjoyable as well as educational trip for them.
  • A C.B.S.E. workshop on ‘Gender Sensitivity’ was organised on May25,2019 for the primary staff members in which other school teachers also participated. 18 candidate from different schools joined us to enrich themselves for the very sensitive issue of the era ‘Gender Sensitivity’. Mrs. Anita Makkar, Principal of HDCF and Mrs. Arti Chopra, Principal of Amity International headed the entire program. All the necessary arrangements were done effectively in the school for the participants’ comfort. Mrs. Makkar sensitized all the candidates for gender discrimination in the society. She told the difference between sex and gender. Many videos were also played on the projector related to the same topic. The participants were given many handouts to clean their doubts. She made it an interactive session. Mrs. Makkar stressed on ‘Women Empowerment’. And also trained the participants to treat boys and girls equal in every field. Being teachers, it us our responsibility to make world aware that there is nothing that girls can’t achieve. Mrs. Chopra explained the effects of biasness in classrooms and even at homes. She asked the participants to enact on the given themes to aware all about the ill effects of gender biasness. All the candidates were active enough to participate in well organised activities for the effectiveness of the session. The session was very interactive and ended at around 4:30 p.m. It was a knowledge gaining session.

  • A Prize Distribution ceremony for the students of classes 1-5 was held in Feb,9 and Feb.10,2019 in which all of students of our primary wing were awarded for one or the other achievements of their own in the field of academic and non-academic area. The students were awarded with different medals, certificates, gifts, prizes etc. for EV 1 and EV 2 results and for different titles as per their abilities and capabilities. Their parents were also invited to be a part if their success. It was a great success for all.
  • A Prize distribution ceremony for grade Vi students was held in the morning assembly dated 13-02-2019. Winners of the track and field events, skating competitions and cricket tournament, all held in the month of January, were honoured with medals and certificates.
  • On April 17,2019 a workshop was organised for the students of class 11. The topic of the workshop was “Ten Ways organised for the students of class 11. The topic of the workshop was ‘Ten Ways to Differentiate between a Good and a Toxic Friend’. The workshop was headed by Mrs. Jyoti Ahuja. A video related to the aforesaid topic was played for better understanding. The Whole video was described preciously. The children were made aware for the right selection of their friends and they were taught how to differentiate between a good and a toxic friend.
  • A farewell party for the students of class XII, session 2018-19 was organised by the school on Feb. 20, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. All the children of classes Xi & XII were invited along with the entire staff of West Academy. The teachers gave their different performances to motivate the board students to do their best in their exams. The teachers expressed their feelings , love, opinion, ideas for them during the time of farewell. All the students liked it very much and even appreciated the teachers efforts. The children were awarded with different titles, prizes etc. as per the teachers observation. It was a memorable time spent with students.
  • On May 04,2019 a CBSE workshop was organised in the school for the teachers taking classes from I-VIII. The CBSE resources person Mrs. Ritu Bedi made this session very much interactive for all the participants. She explained the ‘The Role of Life Skill Education’ in students as well as teachers life. Se covered the mentioned ten heads or objectives to the teachers for making their teaching effective for their students. Self-Awareness, Decision making, Problem Solving, Critical thinking, Creative thinking , Interpersonal relationship, Coping with stress, Empathy, Effective Communication & Managing emotions. These should be the basic objectives for teachers to achieve in their classrooms with their teaching. Further, she divided all these ten objectives in three categories: - Social skills, Emotional skills and Thinking skills. The Resources person, Mrs. Ritu Bedi explained all the objectives of teaching different subjects in such a manner that all the teachers agreed to her. She focussed on the fact that to transact Life skill Education effectively, traditional teaching methods may not be effective, unless students are actively involved in a dynamic teaching learning process. It is also advisable that, whatever, method a teacher choose, they should be truly interactive, participatory and responsive. At last ,all the participants were given a feedback form to rate the workshop or the knowledge the acquired.

“On May 25, 2018 a workshop was held by Dr. D.K. Goel at Rotary Public School, Sector 22, Gurugram. The workshop was attended by Senior Commerce teacher, Mrs. Sadhna Saxena and Mrs. Namrata. It was held to solve the queries related to GST, Goods and Services Tax. The Problem related to Accountancy were also discussed. Dr. Goel told that GST is an indirect tax levied on the supply of goods and services. It is of two types central GST which includes Excise duty, custom duty, service tax and state GST include octroi and entry tax purchase tax, entertainment tax, value added tax, luxury tax etc. He guided the teacher about making a project in XII Acc. And rules of marking schemes were also discussed overall it was an effective workshop which added to teachers’ knowledge".
“On July 14, 2018 the primary students organized an ‘Art and Craft Exhibition with the help of their teachers. The exhibition was a great success as the children showed their talent in a very good manner. They utilized the waste material or discarded thing to reuse them in the most useful manner. They showed their talent in craft by making flower vase with ice-cream sticks, floor mat with discarded clothes, castle, mug, pencil stand , photo frame, cushion, table, plates dolls sceneries statues, lamp etc. All the parents were invited to appreciate the students’ talent. They were rewarded as well. The chairperson, Dr. Narender Singh Yadav also spared time to be a part of this exhibition. He praised their talent and appreciated them for making it a great success".
“On August 24 & 25, two of our Maths teachers, Mrs. Kavita and MS. Pooja attended ‘Capacity Building Program’ organized by C.B.S.E. at Indraprastha International School, Dwarka. The resource person, Ms. Ishita Mukherjee and Mr. Neeraj Saxena focused on the problem faced by students while learning Maths. And later it was described how a teacher can make Maths teaching interesting for better results of the students. The resource person discussed about Bloom’s Taxonomy and explained how to design a question paper. They Also focussed on “Theory of Constructurism".
“On August 12,2018, the Managing Director of the school Dr. Narender Singh Yadav set an example by planting many trees in Pataudi. He himself took initiative and motivated other members as well to plant more and more trees to make our environment green. Different trees were planted in the surrounding areas. It was really a motivational act done by him".
“On July 21, 2018 two scouts from Hindustan Scouts and Guides Haryana state visited the school to address the students from classes VI to X about the importance of joining the camps and training for the same. Some activities were performed to make children realize its importance. They offered training to the school students and motivated them to join the training classes to be held in their school for three days in the first session. Teachers had been asked to distribute their registration forms with the information regarding the same".
“On August 14, 2018 Independence Day Celebration was held in the school premises. The students of classes VI and VII participated in the program and organized many performances. They danced on patriotic song, performed a skit, hoisted the national flag etc. And later, our S.St. teacher Mrs. Jyoti Yadav told about different movements in the journey of freedom struggle. The sacrifices of freedom fighters were praised a lot. Mrs. Savita recited a poem to sensitize patriotism among children. It was a great success".
“Our Business studies teacher Ms. Namrata Sapra attended two days workshop at M.M. Public School Pitampura on August 24 & 25. The workshop was organised by CBSE, engaged in the pursuit of motivating and guiding commerce teachers to professional excellence. The workshop was conducted by Mrs. Shivani Nagrath. She addressed the vast gathering of teachers on how to build Case Studies. This is one of the most vital aspects of class XII B.St. exam She discussed different case studies with teachers and provided useful tips on ‘How to address questions on these’. It was found effective by the teacher".
“On August 30, 2018, The three days camp hosted by eight trainers who introduces students to the history of scout Guide along with a few basic methodologies like scout guide handshake etc. This was followed by a series of mental and physical tasks focussed on developing the skills of the participants from a holistic approach. The tasks were structured in such a way that they brought out creativity and productivity of the students along with teaching them to conquer their fears. The students like Arpita, Diya , Daksh , Astha , Lokesh , Jesika , Pragati , Kanika, Manpreet, Varnika , Chaitanya , Govind, Yash who performed the tasks exceptionally good & were awarded with medals for appreciation by Mr. Bijender Yadav the vice-principal of the school".
“On August 31,2018 a workshop on Mental Health for the students of classes IX-XI was organized by HOPE Initiative. Ms. Smitha senior field manager, Ms. Mala Sharma, manager, Ms. Neha Colvin field manager and Nilya Dutt , counselling psychologist, Fortis Mental Health came to conduct the workshop. Ms. Nilya Dutt told the students about different causes of stress related to oneself, family, friends, relatives etc. She later told students how we can release and reduce stress from our lives. She motivated children to lead a stress free life and enjoy to its fullest At the end of the session, she made students do some exercise and she also cross-questioned them. It was an effective session in which children gained more knowledge about the most sensitive issue i.e. stress".
“A ‘Capacity Building Program’ was organised by CBSE for Accountancy teachers on August 30 and 31, 2018. It was organised at New Era Public school, Mayapuri. Mrs. Sadhna Saxena, the accountancy teacher attended the two days workshop which was headed by Sh. S.S. Sehrawat and Mrs. Kriti Palit.’ The learner were trained for planning different methods for students to score 100% marks in Acc".
“On September 08,2018 students of West Academy (Class I-V) celebrated Grand Parent Day in a unique manner. Students’ grandparent were invited in the school to make them enjoy a day with their grandchildren. Children presented them handmade cards and saplings. They touched their feet and made them realize their importance. Grandparents felt blessed and happy on seeing the gratitude paid by their children. They were thankful to the school management for inviting them in the school and sensitize their children for their respect and value".
“On September 18,2018, a magic show was organized in the school for the students of classes 1-12. The magic show was arranged through the circular sent by District Council for child welfare Gurugram. It is a pioneer agency working for the cause of child welfare through the network of its various activities like open shelter Home, Day Care Centre, Hobby classes in the district. The children enjoyed the show very much".
“C.B.S.E. organized a two days workshop on September 27 and 28, 2018 for Social Science -X class teachers at Springdales School Pusa Road, Delhi. Ms. Jyoti Yadav , TGT Social Science of West Academy attended this workshop which was anchored by Roshmi Rekha, PGT (History ) at DAV, Daryaganj, Delhi and Srividhya Sunder, retired Principal of Pragati Public School, Dwarka, Delhi. The training specially focussed on forthcoming curriculum to be followed in the session 2019-20".
“On October 13, 2018 our primary wing students of classes I –V participated in a Cultural Program. The School organized the program to display and reflect the different states of India. Different dance forms were presented on the stage by all the primary kids. Their parents were also invited to encourage them for their best performance. The children, really rocked the school stage by showing Union is strength and Unity in Diversity. India is a land with different religions, cultural, language etc. The same was shown with their dance performance on stage".
“A ‘Capacity Building Programme’ was organized by CBSE on 24th and 25th October. It was attended by Mrs. Puja Dua, TGT (English). The resource person were:- Mrs. Sarita Sinha & Mrs. Nidhi Sirohi. It was an interactive session. Different methods to enhance Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing skills were taught format question paper of IXth was discussed. Many activities were held".
“On October 25,2018 an Inter School Debate Competition was organized in Raman Munjal Public School in which our school children, Aditi (IX), Isha (X) and Tanya (XI) participated. The topic of the debate was ‘Cashless Economy: A Far Cry for India".
“The school organized a workshop for all the teachers on Stress Management on Nov. 01,2018. The resource person of the workshop was Mr. Ali from Cordova Publication. All the staff (teaching) members attended the workshop in which they were taught how to deal with stress in their school life. Different and innovative activities were held to create interest among teachers. Teachers participated in the activities activity and learnt different cause of stress. They were taught many now methods of controlling or managing stress in their ‘Life is not about finding yourself but it is about creating yourself".
“The Hindustan Scouts and Guides, Haryana organized Dhruv Pad Camp at district level from 31st October 31st ,2018 to 4th November, 2018 for guides, where the students stayed, worked diligently and enjoyed themselves. Special theoretical classes were organized for the students during the day, in which they learnt not only the intricacies of scouting but also the history it beholds. The students were engrossed in learning the alpha and omega of the same and keenly participated in all the activities".
“A captivating bonfire was arranged on all the nights which was attended by all the students. The students had a ball while participating in the various competitions organized, both cultural and athletic. All the events were hit among the students. They also involved themselves in learning the art of tying different kinds of knots- the clove hitch, taut line and sheet bend among others. The students also had a great time fitting tents, tying laces and reciting different prayers they had learnt. They also learnt about the different claps".
“A cooking competition with a little twist was also organized were the students weren’t allowed to use any utensils, a challenge to check their survival skills. The students participated in large numbers and had a great time and our students got 3rd position in the same. The students of our school left no stone unturned to bring accolades to the school by winning in a number of competitions. Out of the ten girls from our school who partook in the camp, Hemlata stood 1st and Khushboo 3rd in sports and Sheetal bagged the 2nd position in dance. The organizers daily inspected the room of these students in the morning where they checked how the students had set their rooms, cleaned and made the layout, according to which they were chosen as winners. Our students bagged 2nd position in the same and stood 1st in tent laying".
“On the third day, Mr. Naveen Jai Hind (State Secretary Haryana Hindustan Scout Guide) joined our camp to encourage and refurbish our spirits with motivational speeches which was music to ears. It filled everyone with zeal. The students worked hard through the day and nights and were given certificate of appreciation. It was a fun filled learning experience for one and all present at the camp and the students added a feather to their caps by attending this camp".
“A cricket tournament was held on Nov. 01,2018 by DAV school in its campus cricket ground in Haily Mandi, Haryana . Five students from our school participated in the event with the spirit of building better inter school relationship and encouraging aspiring students to actively participated in the sport. After an exciting series of hard fought matches and display of some breathtaking and promising skills by the students of all the participating schools, the team of DAV came out as a winner whereas West Academy students stood first as runner up".
“On account of children’s day the school organized a camp full of adventurous activities with the ‘Rock Sports’ group. Many wonderful activities were organized to make children enjoy on children’s day. The Students from classes I-XII participated in all those activities like Zip line, rock climbing, sumo fight, commando net, Burma bridge, Earth ball etc. All the children got excited on the camp and enjoyed it to the fullest. It was a three days program and the students got another chance to go closer to their teachers. It was a well organized camp which was proved to be a great success at the end with the mutual efforts of teachers and students".
“A cricket tournament was held in DAV Public School on Nov. 21, 2018. It was an inter school cricket tournament in which five students participated. It was held to enhance the sports skill, brotherhood, discipline and cooperation among students. In this tournament, the team if DAV came out as the winners whereas West Academy team was the first runner up".
“A special morning assembly was organized on Nov. 26, 2018 in which a team from Municipal Committee Pataudi came to address the children regarding cleanliness campaign to be observed from Jan 04, 2018. All the students of the school were gathered on ground to learn the use of green and blue dustbins. The President of the committee, Mr. Chander Mohan requested the children to contribute in the cleanliness campaign and the secretary Mr. Sushil Kumar also added to the students’ knowledge. The entire program was proved a great success".
“On December 04, 2018 Prosocial Peer Moderator Program was organized by the department of mental Health and Behavioral Science in Fortis Hospital Sec. 42, Gurugram. Ms. Divya was the resource person from the same department. The entire program was based on Stud and Exam skills. Many different school students with their teacher representatives were present in the program. From our school, the program was attended by Jyoti ma’am (PGT Eng) along with Lincoln Rao, a student of class IX. It was really a fantastic program which enriched the teachers and students with effective learning skills related to studies and exams. Study tools, time management, concentration strategies, how to release exam stress etc. were the main highlights. The teachers and students enjoyed the meaningful learning techniques".
“A Maths and EVS exhibition was organized by the primary students of classes I –V on December 08,2018. The students presented different models of Pucca House, Kaccha house, Water pollution, Noise pollution, Air pollution, Water resources, First-Aid, Abacus, Fractions, Diversion, Addition, Tables, Ascending –Descending order, Measurement, Weight etc. The children were well prepared to explain their models effectively. Their parents had been invited to appreciate their efforts. The teachers equally contributed to make this exhibition a great success".
“A workshop with the theme ‘Respect’ was organized for the students of classes VI-X on December 29, 2018. The workshop was held in the Lab with the help of Projector. The students were taught the actual meaning of respect, care and love. The golden rule of respect was also taught. They were motivated to treat others the way they want to be treated. They were taught how they can contribute in showing respect and care for parents, teachers, friend and the most important for self. It was also taught, ‘Respect is plain clothes is to care for others.’ The workshop was headed by Mrs. Jyoti Ahuja".
“On December 22, 2018 Sports day was celebrated in the Primary wing of the school. Many sports events were held to generate sports spirit among the students. They participated in 80mtrs falt race, 50 mtrs lemon spoon race, 40 mtrs frog race etc. Different Yoga and meditation exercise were held. Students were very enthusiastic and active for winning and learning the activities".
“A day out trip to ‘Adventure Island, Rohini , New Delhi was organized on December 22,2018, for the senior most students of classes Xi & XII. 120 students went on the trip to have fun along with their teachers. Almost all of their teachers accompanied them to cheer up. It was planned by Bijender sir, the vice Principal of the school. It was well planned and organized. Everybody enjoyed the rides and fun in the amusement park. It was a wonderful trip".
“A workshop was organized for the students of class X on December 26,2018 in which the students had been given some effective tips related to their studies and exams. All the students were motivated to follow the tips to stay cool and calm especially during exam days. The children enjoyed the workshop a lot. They found it effective enough. It was headed by Mrs. Jyoti Ahuja".
“District level Dhruvpad camp for scouts was organized by Hindustan Scout and Guide from Dec.14- Dec.18 in which students of our school participated and got first position in discipline category".

“Road Safety Quiz was conducted for the students of classes IV – XII. Rudra from class VII, Meenal Gupta and Pra1chi from Class VIII qualified Road Safety Quiz second round".

“13th Women Boxing Championshipwas organized by Distt. Boxing Association Gurugram in which Isha of class X and Twinkle of class VII got first position in their respective weight categories and qualified for state level championship”.

“RSFI conducted an open district level skating tournament at Baliawas track, Faridabad. Prashant Kumar of class XI Arts got first position in 3000 m quads race, second position in 500m and 1000 m quads race. And he also got selected for state level tournament.”

“An Open Skating tournament was held in G.R. International school in which Mayank of class V got first position , Avantika from class III got second position whereas Shubham from class VII secured 3rd position”.

Divya won 3rd Prize and Trophy in Abacus Competition in National Level

“A Skating tournament was organised at SWISS Cottage School ,Plam Viharin which three students named Bhumika (Class VII) got first Position , Vashu (Class VI) got second position and Tanishka (class VI) got third position in 12-14 age group. Whereas Avantika (Class III) got third position in 8-10 age group and Deepanshu got third position in 10-12 age group”.

MAYANK (Class IV ) has won Silver Medal & Certificate (2nd Prize) in Inter School Skating Competition

ISHAN GARG (CLASS VIII) AND GARIMA (CLASS IX ) has won Ist Prize & Trophy in Inter School Quiz Competition

Parul Vats - Winner of Vision 2020 Organised by Amity University

Gaurav Yadav won Silver Medal in 5000 mtr. Race in C.B.S.E. Cluster Athletic held in Jind.

Ritik won Silver Medal in 3000 mtr. Race in C.B.S.E. Cluster Athletic held in Jind.

Neeraj Yadav got admission in Govt. Medical College Nalhaar (Nooh).

Vinay Kumar Yadav got admission in Agroha Medical College Hisar.

Jyoti Yadav, Merit Certificate Winner for outstanding academic performance and for being among the top 0.1 percent successful candidates.

CBSE Cluster Meet, 2018 - Siddharth Sharma of class XII -Comm. got 3rd position in 800mtrs race in CBSE Cluster Meet 2018 held in Hisar”.

Haryana School Tournament Block level - Siddharth Sharma of class XII -Comm. got Ist position in 800mtrs race in Haryana School Tournament District level”.

Haryana School Tournament Block level - Harshit Yadav of class VII got place in 200mtrs race in Haryana School Tournament Block level and got selected for District level”.

Haryana School Tournament Block level - Siddharth Sharma of class XII - Comm. got Ist Position in 800mtrs race in Haryana School Tournament Block level and got selected for District level.”

National Youth Sports Competiton,2018- Siddhrath Sharma of class XII-Comm. participated in 800mtrs race in National Youth Sports Competition held in Maharashtra. He got Ist Position in this competiton and was awarded with a Gold Medal and a Certificate”.